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Fastest Internet Connection In India

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AT Broadband understands the need for constant communication with customers. We are always available at your disposal for grievances or queries related to the service we provide. We promise quick redressal of the issues in a timely fashion.

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Buffering video or slow speed can spoil the entire mood of watching your favourite show with a cup of coffee in hand while it rains outside. Enjoy buffer-free and seamless speed with AT Broadband services.

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Ultra-Fast Internet

AT Broadband implements the use of Fibre Internet that comes with superfast internet speeds that scale as high as 200 Mbps. Whether you are watching your favourite show streaming online or posting a Facebook live video, with AT Broadband, you get access to smooth and uniform speed at all times. Our customers also enjoy a high speed that can be close to 1Gbps implemented via Gigabit Fibre.

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10 Images 100MB

200Mbps 2 sec
150Mbps4 sec
100Mbps6 sec
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12 Songs 250MB

200Mbps 4 sec
150Mbps8 sec
100Mbps14 sec
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Online Videos 2GB

200Mbps 5 min
150Mbps8 min
100Mbps12 min
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HD Flicks 5GB

200Mbps 30 min
150Mbps45 min
100Mbps60 min

Best in class experience and functionality

Fibre Internet by AT Broadband lets you enjoy the fluctuation-free experience with no interruption for HD quality videos.

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AT’s Fibre Internet service allows subscribers to invest in a top-notch experience for HD video streaming. Our experts ensure that customers have access to Wi-Fi internet with a wide range that works to a maximum possible extent.

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AT is dedicated to providing ultra-fast browsing speed to the subscribers for better internet experience. Not just that, we also provide ample customised plans for the internet service.

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Our dedicated service also includes consistency and uninterrupted connection for the subscribers with technical glitches solved in a timely fashion.

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Quick and secure internet with data processing

  • at-broadband-laptop imageWe flaunt an internet speed that goes as high as 100 Mbps with the surety of fast data processing and glitch-free internet service.

The affordable price tag for all our plans ensures that the clients get access to high speed and better performance at lower than average prices.

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