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Best High Speed Internet Provider With Fibre-Optic Network

We use Fibre technology that comes with best-in-class internet speed with better carrying potential as compared to any DSL or copper cable. It comes with delay-free and snag-less execution protocol.

Internet of Things

The interconnection of computing devices embedded in everyday objects through internet, enabling them to transfer data is called Internet of Things (IOT).

Smart Home

Smart Home is the most prominently searched Internet of things channels in the world today. More than 250 established companies and startups are involved in making your Home smart. IOT requires quality internet transfer between smart devices and chips connected all over the house, thus stressing the need for Stable internet Connectivity. Business Giants like Philips, Haier or Belkin have already earned their names in the Internet of things list.


Smart Wearables have become a trend these days. Smart watches, Smart bands, Fitness Trackers, VR, Smart hearing aids are all the most important smart wearable on development. With advancements, Smart shoes that track your speed helping athletes. Who knows one day smart dresses would just arrive someday making an Iron man out of every individual!

Smart City

Smart cities are the most important topics discussed by the governments of every countries. Starting from waste management, pollution management, Environmental monitoring and traffic Management. Smart cities completely alleviate the need for monitoring a city and thereby relieving the pain of people living in these cities. All that is required is a stable internet connection.

Smart retail

Proximity-based advertising as a subset of smart retail is starting to take off. But the popularity ranking shows that it is still a niche segment. One LinkedIn post per month is nothing compared to 430 for smart home. Yet who knows smart retails would be the future of retail market 15 years from now. Let’s keep our eyes open.

Smart farming

Smart farming is an often overlooked business-case for the internet of Things because it does not really fit into the well-known categories such as health, mobility, or industrial. However, due to the remoteness of farming operations and the large number of livestock that could be monitored the Internet of Things could revolutionize the way farmers work. But this idea has not yet reached large-scale attention. Nevertheless, none of the Internet of Things applications that should be underestimated. Smart farming will become the important application field in the predominantly agricultural-product exporting countries.

Industrial internet

The industrial internet is also one of the special Internet of Things applications. While many market researches such as Gartner or Cisco see the industrial internet as the IoT concept with the highest overall potential, its popularity currently doesn’t reach the masses like smart home or wearable do. The industrial internet however has a lot going for it. The industrial internet gets the biggest push of people on Twitter compared to other non-consumer-oriented IoT concepts.

and yes! many more to go..All you need would be a reliable internet connection

Optimum functionality with smooth and express-speed.

Complete coverage for the entire home with no corners left

Ideal for online gaming or video streaming with a fast performance that doesn’t buffer.

Incorporation of latest features and technology to cater smooth internet service.

Exceptional Internet Speed

Use of light with Fibre helps in provisioning internet that comes with a lightning fast speed. This is why Fibre has been tagged as the latest and fastest technology used for internet service.

Eye-pleasing performance

AT’s Fibre Internet allows subscribers to sip coffee with a break-free performance for internet streaming

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